Monday, October 10, 2005

Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility;en-us;290301

This is a nifty little utility to clean up corrupted Windows Installer Configuration Files. If you are familiar with MSIZAP, you will like this little utility. If you are not familiar with Windows Installer, MSI Exec, or MSIZAP, then take some time to goolge them, more than likely you will encoutner a corrupted Windows Installer configuration set in the future.

Sunday, October 9, 2005

Another NFL Week

And another win. 5-0 in Fantasy Football - Yay! (still one other player in reserve ;))

Atlanta Drops another One

After 18 innings of record setting baseball, the Atlanta Braves drop yet another year. This was a nail biter through 13 plus innings in the longest post season game ever played. Atlanta did not look good through this game or the entire series. The brave’s bullpen having a rough season all year did not blow for them. The game was lost by the usual heroes, Giles, Chipper, Andrew, and Furcal. They had many chances to shut down the game shortly after the seventh inning; however they did not manage to capitalize on it. Francour was a non-factor since before the close of the season after having being figured out by opposing teams (he was still a good player just not on the record setting pace he showed upon his call-up) however they did manage to hang on through 9 extra innings. Yet in the end the last pitcher Houston had to call, Roger Clemens was able to close the game for them.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Guardian Unlimited Technology | Technology | Breaking America's grip on the net

Local politics are always fun, now expand that to the world and toss in the internet... Wow fun stuff. Here is an interesting article about root control of the "internet". The internet has long been a global utility. Is it right that it moves to a more decenralized and world wide control? Sure (as long as you are not a control freak :)), what will this mean in terms of changes to come? Time will tell.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005


I have been out of the the nitty gritty technical side of hardware for a while now, however I still need to dig into the guts of a processor or mainboard every now and then (for kicks or business). That said I am not as up to speed as I should be on some of the current hardware reporting appliations as I should be (Most of my archived ones were PII era tools). I stumbled upon this one when I got sidetracked digging around on some processor information. If you do not already have this one bookmarked for your toolbag, it is one you should consider.


Monday, October 3, 2005

Secret Order of Buffalo's!?

Wow, I turn around and a huge amount of time has passed... Let us see here. It is now football and hockey season, The Atlanta Braves have cliched their 14th straight divisional title, two hurricanes have slammed into the gulf coast (I believe about 4-5 typhoons have hit the other side of the world as well.), fall is here, and it is almost time to start shopping for gifts for christmas time. Egads... That is all I can think of off hand.

Ever heard of the Secret Order of Buffalo's? Me either until today. This is one the closest restaraunts near my residence, which has a decent atmosphere and some decent bar specials. So some friends and coworkers have been gathering there every so often. Now I find out they have a secret order. I cannot help but think of the flintstones!

Fantasy Football

I casually play Fantasy Football, in the casual leagues I tear it up! Three championships and I am always a top contendor into the season. This year is no exception. Going 4-0 thus far and if I keep up with the management of the team more wins should be rolling in. It definatly makes following football more exciting and even bearable at times. There are a number of items about the game I would love to tinker with, most importantly would be the flow of the game. It needs to be sped up just a tad!