Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Happy Holidays

Not a lot has happened since the last update. Eat Sleep, Work, Play when time is available, and not much else. Most of the gifts this year were purchased online. From my experience(s) thus far, the online retail industry has a lot of work to do on the customer service and delivery fronts. The industry has made some decent progress, but they cannot afford to grow complacent or think they are where they need to be they are not.

A few orders were placed based upon the estimated shitting shipping date listed at the time of sale, but the orders were pushed back. One is even scheduled to ship between January 21 and 31 of 2003. Not good for a gift expected to arrive before December 24, 2002.

Another item I noticed on the Amazon.com side of the coin, if you use the “super saver” shipping, they do not give you the option to track a shipment. That alone is reason enough not to use that option for gifts. Which, I am sure is what they want, as they make more money on shipping and handling charges.

After a long time out of the game, I was able to pull off another championship in Fantasy

. Eight years out of the game, and the first year back, in a non-money based league, and the title was snatched by… ME! Hehehehe…

Next year I need to start looking for some money based leagues, and I know the competition will seriously start to heat up, but that is the fun of it, isn’t it?

I hope your holiday shopping went smoothly, and that you did not spend too much time standing in lines. If you ordered online, may all your gifts be delivered on time, and may you be able to track them.

Until the next update…

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Atlanta took a swift kick in the ass from Tampa Bay last Sunday. Can they recover and post a win to give them a playoff birth against Seattle?

Time is running too quickly, it is hard to get into the holiday season this year. Thanksgiving was just yester… erm. Thirteen days ago. Time to get into the swing of things before it is New Years Eve.