Wednesday, April 26, 2006

MMS 2006

Been a busy week or so with the preparations for heading out to San Diego to attend MMS 2006 (Microsoft Management Summit). I will be blogging some of thoughts and experiences from my travel to this, however due to the full schedule and exploring the little bit of San Diego that I can, do not expect a lot.

Monday Morning MMS 2006 Day -0

MMS has not officially opened yet; many people are traveling in from all parts of the country and the world. My flight is on Delta. We board the plane get settled in for a 4:05 flight, then starts to get warm in the airplane while pre-fight preparations are underway. The pilot comes on and tells us the AC is not on because the co-pilot found a fluid leak on the pre-flight walk through and that the maintenance crews were looking into it.

20 minutes and a few degrees later, they state they need to deplane us and move us to another flight. This is an inbound flight from Orlando and the same type of plane so all the seat assignments stay the same. They relayed word along that it was a cracked shut off valve, which caused the leak on the other plan.

1:20 minutes later we are airborne and traveling backward in time (I gain three hours here – Yay!) We arrive in San Diego only an hour 1:10 off the mark, not too bad. A friend of mine was on the earlier delta flight to San Diego and he stated they also needed to switch planes due to maintenance issues and they were an hour delayed or so.

A couple of sessions were scheduled on this day, but the summit does not officially open until 6PM with the opening session of the expo. This is a nice change from some of the other sessions as it contained an open bar and a LOT of food.

We managed to catch up with Dave Jaffe and grab some passes to the MyItForum part that SMSExpert is hosting again this year for Wednesday, that mission accomplished we just hovered through the expo gathering swag and drinking.

Not much else happened this day.

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