Monday, March 27, 2006

Moskowitz's Rant: Why imaging? Why SMS?

My three questions are:

Why does Microsoft have 7 ways to deploy a desktop?
Why bother with image-style desktop deployments at all? and
Why bother with SMS-style tools?

My answer to this rant is,

“Each business has different politics and skill sets of administrators, thus what works for one business does not “work” for another, when only looking at the culture and political situation of the business in question”.

It is rarely technology alone that drives a busines, but the combination of people, politics, and technology. The blend that is achieved by the company leadership is what drives the business. There are some good points in the rant, however the limitations of the current technical skill sets and policital environment are what really rule the business world, these others tools like SMS, Altiris, etc. are what fill the gaps in the different blend of those three forces.

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