Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Its the little things that count!

I have been trying to point out this concept to some of the folks at my current employer, as I believe this is a core concept of what separates good companies from exceptional companies.

Google has the Finance section on their site (In Beta of course).
Google Finance: Forward Industries, Inc.

However, when looking at the site and actually using it, it has many of the hallmark items, which usually make Google, products stand out... Attention to detail, and the little ones at that.

If you are working on a project at work and you want it to be a huge success, take the time to research some improvement in usability and enhancements usually simple little details that people miss until they use the product then say... “Wow, that is great!” Those are what make or break products and services. This can apply in any format of our lives from daily tasks at work to deep and in-depth complex problems. Make sure you pay attention to the details.

If you have not already take trip over to the Google Finance part of the site and give it a whirl, count how many little useful details they paid attention to that YOU notice... now go look at another finance page and look at what they did not notice, how many times can you say, "If they only did..." Now apply this to your own work and see what happens.

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