Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Playing with ringtones,

Uploading Ringtones To an Ericcson R300LX Phone

The R300LX will store four custom tones in the phone, You will need to send an SMS message with the "eMelody" format for the phone to accept the ringtone. One site to get them from is lehed. Here is an example, "Inspector Gadet" from the morning cartoon.

:eMelody: defgapfp#gpepgpfpdefgap+D+#Cppppdefgapfp#gpepgpfpDpppp#CD

Create an email message and in the to field enter,

To reduce of the size of the message Leave the subject blank, however it is not necessary. The text of the message needs to start with ":eMelody:" followed by the ringtone. Send the message, and wait for your phone to receive it. A window should pop up on your phone displaying "New Melody Received - Play ?" Press "Yes" to listen to the tone. If you like it, press "Yes" to save it. Select which "Melody Field" to save it in and press "Yes" again.

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